Marine Fuel Tanks by Barrett Tanks, LLC

Marine Fuel Tanks Barrett Tanks LLC is a family owned company that supplies custom marine fuel tanks for the personal and sports watercraft industry. Where exceptionally high standards and quick order fulfillment combine to deliver the highest qualuty custom aluminum marine fuel tanks directly to your front door in as little as three weeks.

With rugged design and the highest quality welding procedures, Barrett Tanks’ custom marine fuel tanks are of the highest quality custom aluminum fuel tanks available in the maritime industry. All of our tanks are manufacturered on a custom order basis to your exact specifications and unique requirements, while always adhereing to the United States Coast Guard’s 33 CRF 183.510A testing procedures. Our custom marine fuel tanks are constructed with extensive baffling which is used to control fuel slosh within the fuel tank, resulting in a more stable vessel.

Our fuel tanks are made of only the highest quality materials

5052 aluminum sheet is the only aluminum alloy that Barrett Tanks, LLC uses in the fabrication process due to its innate fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability. With a minimum 0.100″ thickness, our aluminum marine fuel tanks avoid failures which are common to our competitors’ tanks which uses thinner and cheaper eighty thousandths thickness aluminum. Our independent research and testing has shown that most marine tank failures can be prevented by using a minimum 5052 sheet thickness of 0.100″ which is why you will never find anything less on a Barrett Tank’s marine fuel tank, which is just one more reason why you should contact Barrett Tanks today for a free, no-risk, no-obligation quote!

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